Who We Are

We are a michigan family devoted to help those in need. We want our community to thrive. So we help as many people as we can, to get up and running. We believe that all people should have a paid job. So we help them get on their feet and start getting money by donating to them. We want to give them a boost and help them achieve there basic needs so they can work and have fun in their lives. And we want more families involved in donating to those in need. So we made this website give them an easy way to participate in making our community a better place.

Our Cause

We believe everybody should have a job and be able to have fun in their lives. So we have set out to help families and individuals achieve their basic needs so they can move on to better things in life. Then they can find jobs, to get money. Then our community will grow and prosper with more employees. Then those who we help can enjoy fun throughout their lives. As you can see we are working towards a thriving and happy community!

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