Have you ever been to a sports or corporate event and received a T-shirt with a team or company logo? Now ask to yourself, "What have I done with all those T-shirts?" You probably stored them away and haven't worn them since. Well, you are not using them, so why not DONATE them. You might think to yourself, "Who can I trust, that will give every single T-shirt I donate, to a person in need. That is where Donate T-shirts comes into the picture. We will distribute all the T-shirts we receive, among people who need more clothing.

Why You Should Donate

You probably have a couple T-shirts you don't wear or even don't want. There are probably many people in your community who don't have many clothes, let alone the world. So help to make a difference in our community and donate your unwanted T-shirts. Help our community prosper and grow. There are so many people out there who are waiting for our help. So make a difference today.

How It Works

You probably are wondering how the whole process works. Either just before or just after you drop your off your donation, please fill out the form on the donate page. The form is there so we know where donations have been dropped off, how many shirt you have donated and so we can contact you if anything goes wrong. You can find the drop off locations on the DROP OFF LOCATIONS page. If you are to far away to drop off your donation at any of the given locations, please throw in a bit of money to ship it to our address. Our address is written on the CONTACT US page. Once we receive your donation, we will distribute the T-shirts to poor families and individuals, who are in need of more clothing. Thank you for your cooperation.

Donate T-Shirts

You have this long to send in your T Shirts.